I'm not sure that using Flickr conflicts with the U's terms --- I don't think that's true at all.  We use outside web services all of the time here at the U.  Like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as 3 examples.

And when an external site goes down, we do the same thing we do when an internal U site goes down: we wait for it to go back online.  =)

Re. ownership, people should be cautious about content on web sites and terms regarding that, just like you should be in any arena.  But I find it kind of amusing that we are to be so overly cautious about ownership and the web, yet university scholars work as hard as they can to get their research articles into print journals --- and the journals own the copyright to those articles.  

To answer Karoline's technical question, Flickr provides embed codes that make it pretty easy to include photos and slideshows into any web page.  Look under "share", I believe.  Here's one example:



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I do believe that using an outside source like Flickr would conflict with the U's terms.  What do you do if their site goes down?  Also be cautious of who owns the content.  Some sites take ownership of whatever is uploaded.  Have you considered using a local PHP install of Gallery? http://gallery.menalto.com/  I'm sure there are other options.

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Karoline Dehnhard wrote:
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If anyone has linked to Flickr I would be curious to know how. My understanding is that they require that you either link to them using a Flickr photo or Flickr badge (correct me if I am wrong). I also want to know if there are rules about using a Flickr badge on a U of M site since it is advertisement-like. Also, what exactly does "for personal use" mean with regard to Flickr?

I have many questions about other social media too! This would be a good topic for a presentation.