I think this is a fine idea --- maybe I'll be convinced that it's really useful.  =)

I thought Wave looked pretty overwhelming when I saw a demo a while back, so I haven't set aside any time to try it.  But clearly, it must be useful and I just need to understand it better.  Or, if it's not terribly useful, I also should understand that better too, beyond just one demo…

Looking forward to hear how the Wave users incorporate this into our web continuing ed process.  My main question is, do we want to project this on the second screen in 101 Walter during the meeting or is this more "off line" or post-meeting?

(and if we do project, would that be distracting?)


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On Oct 22, 2009, at 9:36 AM, Tony Thomas wrote:

I'm not sure how many of us at the U have preview access to Google Wave yet, but it might be interesting to try to set up a Wave for the Web Dev meetings as a way to discuss the meeting topics and follow up with resources, links & etc. from the presenters. There may not be time to get it going today, but perhaps at a future meeting.

I've had the opportunity to use Wave for real-time collaboration recently. It's handy, even if still a little buggy.

My thought was one Wave per meeting. The Twin Cities Wave has been fun, but has grown into monster. There's something to be said for limiting the subject matter IMO.