A Short-eared Owl was perched in a marshy area north of Hwy 5. just west of the turnoff to Lake Waconia beach.  This is the same area that I saw a Long-eared Owl perched a couple months ago.  I also found an adult Thayer's Gull at Carver Park.   He was on the lake that is north of the nature center.    He was kind enough to stand out of the water showing his bright pink legs and then swim beside a Ring-billed to give a size comparison.  Other birds of interest today were 43 Tundra Swans at Rapids Lake MVNWR, 8 Common Loons on Lake Waconia(I've  never seen a Pacific Loon, so I'm no expert.  I am fairly sure they were all Common.  A couple were a bit distant, so I can't be sure.), 2 Pied-billed Grebes at Carver Park, a Yellow-rumped Warbler at Carver Park, and 16 Purple Finches at Rapids Lake MVNWR.   
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