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I just received my Google Wave invite a few days ago. If there are any 
in progress University of Minnesota Google Waves, I would like to be 
added to those waves.



John Brian Becker
220 Cooke Hall
School of Kinesiology

David Naughton wrote:
> +1
> How about if those of us on Wave share our addresses? I'm [log in to unmask]
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 09:36:28AM -0500, Tony Thomas wrote:
>> I'm not sure how many of us at the U have preview access to Google  
>> Wave yet, but it might be interesting to try to set up a Wave for the  
>> Web Dev meetings as a way to discuss the meeting topics and follow up  
>> with resources, links & etc. from the presenters. There may not be  
>> time to get it going today, but perhaps at a future meeting.
>> I've had the opportunity to use Wave for real-time collaboration  
>> recently. It's handy, even if still a little buggy.
>> My thought was one Wave per meeting. The Twin Cities Wave has been  
>> fun, but has grown into monster. There's something to be said for  
>> limiting the subject matter IMO.