Hey all,

Are there any TWiki pros out there? (Drew, are you listening?)

I'm trying to develop a TWiki based application, but I'm having trouble 
using the SEARCH macro.


I can get the %METASEARCH% macro to work, but only on a single variable 

I want it to search for all Webs that match on two form fields.  
Specifically, this is the command I want to work is something along 
these lines:

%SEARCH{ "(RequestForm[name='Requester'].value='%WIKIUSERNAME%' AND 
RequestForm[name='RequestStatus'].value='Building')" nonoise="on" 
type="query" format="$web.$topic" separator=", " }%

... but this doesn't do what I want it to do...

SQL is my usual forte, but we have an extensive Data Dictionary in the 
Wiki that I want to pair with a kind of DataSet shopping cart, so 
writing it via the Wiki is where I am at.