Thursday Nov. 19 is just two weeks away.  What should we schedule for our topic(s)?

My notes include these past suggestions:

* Drupal showcase - demos and tips re. this popular open source WCM platform
* UThink showcase - demos and tips re. this U Libraries blogging and publishing tool, which uses the Movable Type platform
* Google Search Appliance
* Best practices in form design
* 2009 university web templates - we're nearing the end of their first year of adoption; who's using them and what have we learned?

And, more recently:

* 3rd party web tools, and informing university policy about their use (Sound familiar? Our recent list thread tipped me about this one!)  e.g. YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, and many others. 
* Google Analytics --- I don't mind contributing to this discussion sometime soon, but my most recent implementations should have more time to collect data so that my demos could be more meaningful
* Unit and department web and database hosting needs (it would be great to invite some OIT service providers / strategic planners to such a mtg.)

I'm sure there's plenty of other topic possibilities.  Please let me know whether I should make an online form for voting on topics, or whether we can come to a decision via the list itself.  Or, other ideas?  (Remember, I'm winging it here --- your advice is needed, not just on topics but how we run this continuing education and networking effort)

Thanks for your help and suggestions!

Kris Layon
U of M Web Standards & Accessibility Workgroup

Kristofer D. Layon
Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration
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Office of the Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration
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