Hey birders,

I received permission to share that there is a Carolina Wren visiting Cal and Delores Paulson's feeding station south of Mankato.  The bird has been highly irregular and it took me two attempts (and bringing my sharp-eyed 5-year old) to see the bird.  To my knowledge it was last seen this weekend but colder weather may make it a more consistent visitor.  I have posted a picture to the Recently Seen.

To get to the Paulson's take Hwy 22 south from Mankato to CR15.  Take CR15 east to Rose Lane (St?) which heads into a subdivision to the north.  Their house is located at the corner on the left where the road takes a sharp right to a turnaround.  They are very friendly people and welcome birders seeking a peek at their wren.

Chad Heins
Mankato, MN


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