Check out this totally awesome chart about browser usage from Jan 2002 to 
Aug 2009: http://www.axiis.org/examples/BrowserMarketShare.html

I started a 'Totally Awesome Charts' wave, so if any of you have other 
charts that are awesome please add to the list!

Lastly, I have added everyone that gave their address via this listserv to 
this wave (21 people). If there is still a need for a more efficient way to 
add people to gmail/gwave, I can gmail the list to everyone (by emailing 
everyone). Note: Upon adding a person's gmail address to your gmail 
contacts, the google wave user will automatically show in your gwave 

If you do not want to be on the gmail list, please let me know! If you want 
to be added to the list, email me with your gmail address.

I'll email the list in the coming weeks, unless someone wants it sooner and 
I am confident that everyone wants to be on it!