On Dec 3, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Zachary Johnson wrote:

> That's interesting.  I could see a lot of demand for a unified way  
> to create response content on community-based websites.  Especially  
> if you didn't have to create another user login at each one.
> I am somewhat nervous of the web going in that direction, though.   
> What if users *expect* a Google Wave-based comments/response system  
> *but* Google Wave is actually way crappier than some competing  
> product? Or isn't accessible?  That's going to be a very tricky  
> thing to resolve as a developer.

I see this as by far the biggest and most troubling question. You  
could draw an analogy to Paypal's control of the credit-card- 
processing part of online shopping. Their problems are well- 
documented, but unless you're a major retailer people expect you to  
accept Paypal (in order to avoid giving their financial details to  
every Tom, Dick, and Harry). Only thing worse than having that sort of  
gatekeeper with our money is having one for our exchange of ideas and