On 12/3/09 11:15 AM, Zachary Johnson wrote:
> That's interesting.  I could see a lot of demand for a unified way to 
> create response content on community-based websites.  Especially if 
> you didn't have to create another user login at each one.
We hear the demands for a "unified way to create response content on 
community-based websites" but typically the problem to be solved isn't 
solvable by new and improved technologies, the problems are the human 

No amount of technology is going to really help the problem of people 
not being aware of where they are logged in to, what tool is appropriate 
for any given communication circumstance, or basic etiquette. Technology 
definitely won't inject common sense into people.

If organizations spent half as much money on technology training, 
real-life modeling and drafting and maintaining communications (human) 
standards as they did chasing after newfangled whizbangs and doodads 
we'd be able to spend time on technology that actually facilitates 
solving problems.

That said, Google Wave is a cool doodad, very whizbangy and stuff.

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