I'm sort of a victim of my own solution here... but we typically take December off from our monthly Web meeting schedule.  It's a very busy month both at work and with many of us observing December holidays, so it's a nice time to have one less meeting on the calendar.  But because I was blissfully not focusing on this, I forgot to confirm it one more time via email (until now).  Sorry for the late notice!

I anticipate that our next meeting will be Thursday January 21.  (waiting on room confirmations)

Please also note that MinneWebCon 2010 news is being announced primarily on Twitter and the conference web site.  You don't actually need a Twitter account to see the conference feed in a browser, but following @minnewebcon may keep you better updated if you're on Twitter regularly (and for Facebook users, I keep our Facebook page updated with announcements, too).  

I wanted to mention this because conference registration will probably open before our next meeting.  (and that will be confirmed on this list, too --- I just don't want to clog up the list with too many conference emails, every single time that there's something new to announce)

Thanks, and have a nice end of the year.  See you in 2010!


Kristofer D. Layon
Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration
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Office of the Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration
University of Minnesota Twin Cities