On 1/22/10 7:06 AM, Tony Thomas wrote:
> A Linux server with PHP & MySQL running would suit my needs pretty 
> nicely. The bigger problem I've had in the past with central hosting 
> is the level of access I was granted. It's essential for me to be able 
> to log in via ssh and do a few things from the command line. I think I 
> could get by without root access if I could "sudo" some commands.
> Another issue for me has been cost. Currently there only seem to be 
> two options:
> 1. Cheap hosting with limited access that inhibits development and 
> configuration.
> 2. Virtual Server that is $300 per month (when I got a quote two years 
> ago)
Virtual Private Servers have come down dramatically in costs. For the 
quote you got two years can and do get hosting for close to a year that 
gives me all the benefits of having smart people manage the things I 
don't want to worry about (hardware, data centers, cooling) and let me 
worry about the things I like to worry about (Apache, MySQL, Postfix, 
PHP, and Content Management Systems.)

There are several really good virtual server providers out there, but my 
experience has come from using only one and I am quite happy.

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