Valid point... and to support what both you and Andre have said, maybe 
we need the opportunity to setup landing pages for relevant content more 
automatically... could bring users to a page with important content and 
links to other UMN sites for more details.

something like that?

Brian Hayden wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2010, at 2:52 PM, Zachary Johnson wrote:
>> There could be 10 departments who want to promote content about 
>> H1N1... if boynton grabs first... what are all those 
>> other departments to do?,, 
>> is a nice solution to the problem.
> I'd agree with everything you said except this. Having info spread among 
> all these sites is a bug, not a feature, and it's one that afflicts the 
> University badly.
> (Obviously this doesn't apply to, say, a site for a study that the SPH 
> might do on H1N1--that is rightfully segregated--but for info that is of 
> general interest we need less fragmentation and duplication of effort, 
> not more.)
> -Brian

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