I have sort of a practical question about this (not disagreeing with 
either of you on this, and the usefulness of this, and not wanting to be 
a downer) -
What content do we collaborate on? Who makes the decision? What staff is 
responsible for coordinating efforts? Who owns the content?

I know that isn't the fun stuff to think about, but it's one of the 
things that stands in the way of system-wide stuff.  And as someone who 
has recently been a part of a college-wide web integration, managing 
that kind of content integration is really, really tough.  Especially 
when non-tech stakeholders get involved in protecting "their" content.


Brian Hayden wrote:
> On Jan 27, 2010, at 2:59 PM, Zachary Johnson wrote:
>> Valid point... and to support what both you and Andre have said, 
>> maybe we need the opportunity to setup landing pages for relevant 
>> content more automatically...
>> umn.edu/H1N1 could bring users to a page with important content and 
>> links to other UMN sites for more details.
>> something like that?
> I think that'd be fantastic.
> Here's a hackish thought for you... there could be UMN wiki pages that 
> are just aggregators of links around the U for specific topics... and 
> each of these could have a z.umn.edu short url, like... z.umn.edu/h1n1 
> ...
> Sorry, my inner Rube Goldberg took over for a second. ;)
> -Brian


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