Early this evening at 6:19 p.m., I spotted the Swift County Short-eared Owl
at the same location where it had been seen 24 hours earlier by Joel
Schmidt, Jeff Vetsch and Herb Dingmann.  When I initially saw the Owl it was
perched on a "Notice No Trespassing, Native Prairie Planting" sign
immediately adjacent to the county road. When the bird flew from the sign I
saw it had a small rodent in its talons.  I watched the bird hunting over
the large grassland/marsh area for 10 minutes or so before I left the area.
This may be the same bird first discovered by Dennis Martin 3-4 miles
northeast of the area on Wednesday, February 3rd.


Location: 0.3 mile south of Highway 9 on the west side of County Rd 31, 9
miles west of Monson State Park in east central Swift County.


Ron Erpelding

Kandiyohi County

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