Today (6 Feb.) there were two adult male Barrow's Goldeneyes in the  
Mississippi River at the far east end of Lake Pepin (Wabasha Co.).  
One is probably the same male I reported here on 16 January, but the  
other was new. They remained about 1/2 mile apart. These plus the  
first-year male also found on 16 Jan. make a total of at least three  
different BAGO in this 1/2-mile stretch of river in the past 3 weeks.  
Earlier in the morning I found an adult Mute Swan in the open water  
northwest of the road to Lock and Dam #3 (Prairie Island, Goodhue  
Co.). It was associating with 10 Trumpeter Swans. I watched it take  
off, circle, and then land again after a strong 30-sec. flight; I  
presume it is wild. In late afternoon, the adult male Harlequin Duck  
was standing on the ice at Pt. Douglas Park (Washington Co.), near  
Prescott, WI.

Bruce A. Fall, Minneapolis

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