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Call for Proposals: ISHPSSB Off-Year Workshop

The ISHPSSB Off-Year workshops have been a smashing success since the 
inaugural meeting in San Francisco in 2004. I am writing to encourage 
all society members to consider submitting a proposal. The Off-Year 
Workshop Committee will consider proposals for workshops that meet 
the criteria below.  Some funding for graduate student (ISHPSSB 
members only) travel to the workshops may be available. Proposals are 
due to <mailto:[log in to unmask]>Mark Borrello by March 5, 2010. 

meetings must be interdisciplinary (combining the disciplines of 
history, philosophy, and or social studies of biology)

meetings must meet all the requirements of Society meetings 
concerning accessibility, open access, and open invitations to members

meetings must be thematic in nature, which distinguishes them from 
the regular ISHPSSB meetings

meetings must demonstrate sufficient international viability to 
reflect the unique character of ISHPSSB

meetings may be organized as workshops or as conventional meetings, 
but all members must be eligible to attend

the selection process for speakers can be determined by clearly 
indicated processes that differ from those employed in our usual 

More details regarding proposal guidelines and previous meeting can 
be found on the Society's website in the Operations Handbook under 
Off-Workshop Committee:


Mark  E. Borrello
Chair, Off-Year Workshop Committee
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