I just got a call from the AEA event manager, and she said that for whatever reason (robust email defense of some kind), the confirmation and receipt emails from An Event Apart to staff at the U of M who are registering for AEA in Mpls (July 26-27) are bouncing instead of hitting their targets.

So for anyone still registering from the U, please enter a personal email address (e.g. Gmail) instead of your U of M address.

But please still enter your university snail-mailing address.  That way if they are paying attention to workplace and address, you should still be approved for using AEA's educational discount code (AEAEDU).

Thanks for helping them out --- this will cut back on their need to make follow-up phone calls to ask for an alternate email address.


Kristofer D. Layon
Director of Web Design & Online Collaboration
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Office of the Senior Vice President for System Academic Administration
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