The bird was 0.3 miles east (not west) of Holyoke Ave. on the south side of 320 St. W. in SW Dakota County. I suspect the bird is a female based on the large bill size, somewhat subdued rufous in head and scapulars, and softer contrast of black arrows on breast and flanks. In other words, not quite as richly marked as expected for an alternate adult male, but striking nonetheless.

Other shorebirds present included:

Short-billed Dowitcher
Both yellowlegs
White-rumped Sp.
Pectoral Sp.
Least Sp
Semipalmated Sp
Spotted Sp
Solitary Sp
Wilson's Phalarope (~10)

Lake Byllesby had the following:

Black Terns ~20
Caspian T `8
Forster's T
White-rumped Sp 1
Pectoral Sp
Least Sp
Semipalmated Sp
Semipalmated Pl
Franklin's Gull
Am. Pipits (lots)

Eagan, MN

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