It's rare but possible.  There is a sizable breeding population of Hooded 
Warblers in Murphy-Hanrehan Regional Park (Three Rivers Park District). 
(Bruce Fall is the expert on that.)  In recent years, the species has been 
reported from various locations in MN, including Battle Creek Park and 
Crosby Farm Park in St. Paul.  If your location was on Stewart Ave between 
Rankin St and Homer St, that's just a block north of Shepard Road and Crosby 
Farm Park.  I have seen Hooded Warblers in the bluff woods below Shepard 
Road on 5/24/03 and 5/19/09.  In Birds in Minnesota, Bob Janssen lists April 
22 and April 30 as the earliest spring dates for Hooded Warblers in 

St. Paul

From: "Lee Pratsch" <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Saturday, May 01, 2010 1:50 PM
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Subject: [mou-net] Hooded Warbler?

> Good afternoon, again,
>    I saw what I think is a hooded warbler on Stuart Ave. in St. Paul, 
> between Lincoln and Homer at about 10:30a.
>    Peterson does not have it in Minnesota, but my edition is 30 years old 
> and the map states that it comes casually in April after storms.  Similar 
> species have even less likely.
>    Happy viewing,
>                Lee in St. Paul
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