These species were all still present at 9:30, except the Grebe.  Also saw 
Snowy and Great Egrets on the western shore. Make sure to dress warm.

Steve Slocum
Eden Prairie, MN

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Subject: [mou-net] American Avocets at Purgatory Wetlands ~ Hennepin County

> This morning there were 2 American Avocets foraging at the Purgatory Creek 
> Wetlands in Eden Prairie, Hennepin County.  What a spectacular sight in 
> the morning sunshine to see these two graceful birds forage by sweeping 
> their long slender bills from side to side in the water both along the 
> mudflats and the weedy island.  They flew back and forth between the two 
> showing off their distinctive black and white back and wing pattern and 
> vocalizing.  There was also a Horned Grebe circling the mudflats that 
> contained a full house of Caspian and Forster's Terns, Franklin's and 
> Bonaparte's Gulls and Am. White Pelicans squeezed in there pretty tight.
> Conny Brunell
> Richfield, Hennepin Co.
> Purgatory Creek Wetlands
> The Purgatory Creek Wetlands is in Eden Prairie, Hennepin County.  It is 
> south from MN State hwy 5 on Prairie Center Drive about .4 mile on the 
> south side of Prairie Center Drive.  You will see the Purgatory Recreation 
> Area and The Flagship Corporate Center signed and can park in either lot 
> to walk the paved trail around the wetlands.  A good viewing area is 
> behind the office building on the bridge that overlooks the wetland and 
> mudflats.
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