There was a lone piping plover on Minnesota Point, Duluth, yesterday 5/16/10.  If you would like to see a picture of this beautiful little shorebird, check out the showcase section of MOU.  The bird was observed for several hours on the lakeside slightly east of the airport.  There were also four sanderlings in the near vacinity.  
Can anybody point me in the right direction to find info about where this bird might have been banded?  Anytime I come across a banded bird, I'm always very curious about the knowing more.  Besides having a green and an orange colored band, the bird also had the silver data band that I have several images of from different angles.  Any feedback would be most appreciated.
In a completely unrelated topic, last evening after coming home from Minnesota Point, I had 27! chipping sparrows on the ground in my small backyard under the birdfeeder.  First time I've ever seen that many chippers in one spot.
Shawn Zierman.

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