I received a call from a co-worker with a bird question... "Don we have a bird at our feeders eating suet... about the size of a robin, all yellow with black wings, and the head is red. Is it some kind of oriole?"


I was at their feeders in 10 minutes, and watched for 1.5 hours (3:35pm to 5:00) with no sighting of anything with yellow on it. They wish to not have their address posted unless the bird returns. If it does they will contact me and we can go from there regarding access. The feeders are not visible from the road and they have a very private yard/neighborhood.


I asked them to draw a picture of what they saw, and will give them a RFDetails form to fill out. 

Hope it returns, not sure of Western Tanager status in St Louis Cty. I have never seen one.


Don Kienholz
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