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* Hi Probe folks;

I'm back again, but amazingly this time it's not because I have a technical problem.  This time it's just an easy question. 

Our JEOL 733 uses some P10 gas-flow spectrometers.  We have the P10 tank hooked up to it and use one of those little "flow meters", as JEOL calls them, to see what the flow rate through the spectrometer is.  Manual says "1-2 bubbles per second" when the little glass thingie (technical term) has alcohol in it.  

I'm ambitious to replace the valve we use now to control the flow (very coarse, very crude) with an actual useful rotameter.   Problem is, I have no clue what range I should buy.  If I creak back to my old chemistry days usually they told you things like "1 drop is about 1 mL".  Rotameters are expensive and I'd like to buy one with a correct range and not be disappointed. 

So for folks who actually know what the gas flow rate is, what are you using?  

Best regards,
Steven Cogswell