Here's a central example:

Here's CEHD's implementation:

For the central tabbed search, there's some info at but it's a bit dated 
(still talks of people as a separate tab, not to the right). For 
whomever it was who asked about parameters:

    * [q] query
    * [s] sets to display, by setConfig key (see attached for set 
config examples), hypen-delimited (i.e. to display the 'u' set five 
times, s=u-u-u-u-u)
    * [r] domain or hostname; adds extra tab that appends an 
inurl:<r> to the query and uses the params for any extra set from 
the config file ($setConfig['e'])
    * [l] title for the extra tab ("This Site" if not passed)

See the set config for 'e' in the attached for the extra tab

Here's another central example of adding a tab for 
on the fly with the r & l params:

Any on-the-fly tabs added on will use the default 
collection (default_collection) and standard client/front end 
(searchumn) in the Google Search Appliance.

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