Hello CSS-DEV members,

I'm writing to follow up my email last week about a workshop that I'm doing on campus. It was brought to my attention that I may have improperly used this mailing list to promote a personal event, and may have also misused my U email address in doing so.

Ironically, I've tried to be exceptionally careful about keeping my iPhone projects completely separate from my employment at the U, so I'll be the first to admit that last week's email was rather careless in that context.  All I can say is, I wanted to extend a discount offer that I was providing to another group to members of this list, so I felt that the use of the list made sense in that regard.

But to be perfectly clear: my workshop is not a University event. If my University email signature gave anyone a misunderstanding about that, I apologize.

Finally, the discount I'm extending to you still applies despite my communication about it via my U email account.  And I'll also note that the discounted price of $99 provides you admission at-cost, so I'm not trying to profit from my University colleagues. I'm just providing an at-cost opportunity to attend an event that might interest web folks on campus who are already familiar with using web standards.

If anyone has questions about this workshop or my communications about it, please email me at [log in to unmask].  Otherwise, I hope my workshop web site already made it pretty clear that the event is not endorsed by the U, nor sponsored by the U.  So, sorry again for any confusion that my @umn.edu email (or the use of this list) may have caused!


Kris Layon