Hi Michelle,
We have feeds from the University Events Calendar feeding into
otherwise static pages on CLA websites using PHP 5 (IIS & Apache).

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication News & Events page is
a good example of an otherwise static page with styled blog and event
feed content: http://sjmc.umn.edu/news/

I know there are some JS parsers that don't require server changes,
but maybe somebody else can chime in on those.

Let me know if we can help,

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 2:27 PM, Michelle Beaman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> We have an RSS feed from the UMN Calendar below:
> https://events.umn.edu/prod/idcplg?IdcService=GET_SCS_FEED&feedName=search_results&QueryText=dDocType+%3Cmatches%3E+%60Event%60+%3CAND%3E+dSecurityGroup+%3Cmatches%3E+%60Public%60+%3CAND%3E+%28%28xStartDate+%3E%3D+%60%3C%24dateCurrent%28%29%24%3E%60+%3CAND%3E+xStartDate+%3C+%60%3C%24dateCurrent%2890%29%24%3E%60%29+%3COR%3E+%28xEndDate+%3E%3D+%60%3C%24dateCurrent%280%29%24%3E%60+%3CAND%3E+xStartDate+%3C+%60%3C%24dateCurrent%280%29%24%3E%60%29%29+%3CAND%3E+xUMCategory+%3Ccontains%3E+%60Environment%60&SortField=xStartDate&SortOrder=Asc&ResultCount=20&SearchQueryFormat=UNIVERSAL&SearchProviders=prodevents&
> that we want to pull into our Web page here...
> http://environment.umn.edu/news_events/events.html
> Is there a painless way to accomplish this - we do want the RSS to pull in
> so that we can control how the font, colors, everything look so it flows
> with site?
> Thanks,
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