Today Susan Schumacher and I enjoyed 2 singing Henslow's Sparrows in Lakeville, Dakota County.  There were some large tracts of grassland and pasture parcels on both the west and east sides of Laigle Ave.  The Henslow's were singing on west side and were competing with numerous Bobolinks, Eastern Meadowlark, Savannah, and Eastern Kingbirds for air space.  There were Dickcissels singing on the east side of Laigle directly across from them.  From the corner intersection of 215th St. W & Laigle Ave the Henslow's were singing south from here in the .3 tenths mile zone.  There is a wire fence and a No Trespassing sign posted about 10 feet off the road but they were easliy heard singing beyond that from the gravel road.  

Conny Brunell
Richfield, Hennepin Co.


From I-35 in Lakeville, Dakota County exit on CR 70 (210th St.) turning west.  Turn South on Keokuk Ave West which goes from paved to gravel road.  Continue around several curves a mile or so until to reach the signed Laigle Ave & 215th St. West corner.

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