Take US Hwy. 212 (connects Chaska--Norwood YA--Glencoe--Brownton out to Bird Island--Olivia and beyond).
About a half-mile east of Brownton, turn south on McLeod Cty. Hwy. 13, and go
2.8 miles.
There is a slough/pond/marsh on both sides of the Hwy.
The Moorhen was in the east pond, in the reeds on the northeast side of that pond.
As you are parked on the very narrow shoulder of this hwy., you will be right in between a house to the east and a farm with a red barn to the west. At this parking spot the Moorhen was just north of the house this afternoon @ 4:00.
(These ponds also have Ruddy Ducks, at least one Ring-necked and one Blue-winged Teal pair, and Yellow-headed BB, AND a couple weeks ago other birders from the Hutchinson area also found a Least Bittern). 

Pete Hoeger, Hutch

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