Yesterday evening I found a field with at least four singing Henslow's at U-More Park, just south of the Lone Rock parking area in Rosemount.  Also in the area were many Sedge Wrens and several Bobolinks.  A pair of Lark Sparrows were seen on the north side of CR46 near Angus Avenue.  In the vacinity of Lone Rock there were Scarlet Tanagers, Towhees, Ovenbirds, Indigo Buntings and Pewee.

To get to the Lone Rock parking lot in U-More Park:  from CR42 and Hwy 3 in Rosemount, go east on CR42 and turn south on Biscayne,  to 170th Street and turn left and right on Station.  Look for the paking lot.  Lone Rock, itself, is not accessable by car and about a mile walk, maybe more.

Last Tuesday I jound about six Semi-Palmated Sandpipers on a small farm pond in Rosemount.

Steve Weston on Quiggley Lake in Eagan, MN
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