Please excuse.

On Jun 14 2010, Boyle, Tom wrote:

>Hi Tonu,
>I hope you don't mind me being so straightforward, but, are you from 
>Estonia? My friends in OIT over in CFANS, where I work for the Department 
>of Horticulture, told me there is a Tonu who works for IT who is from 
>Estonia. I have just learned that I will be going to graduate school this 
> fall in Tartu and have been eager to speak with anyone from Estonia. I 
> have
>never been there, and what I know of the country is almost exclusively 
>through what I have read. It would be great to chat with someone who is 
>from there!
>Kind regards,
>Tom Boyle
>On Jun 14 2010, Tonu Mikk wrote:
>>Peter, thanks for making this available.
>>Has the tabbed search been tested for usability?  If so, what were some 
>>of the findings?
>>On 6/14/2010 8:42 AM, Peter Wiringa wrote:
>>> For anyone interested in tabbed search, we made some significant
>>> changes about the time of the last meeting. These are now documented
>>> and available at