The Institute of Technology (IT) Web Developers group will be hosting a
meeting tomorrow to discuss solutions within our college for using the
University of MN templates.  Since this may be of interest to members of
the University outside the Institute of Technology, I am reposting the

WHAT: IT Web Developers Meeting
WHAT: Show and tell of potential research group web template/systems
WHERE: 182 Amundson Hall
WHEN: Wednesday, June 2, 2pm to 3/3:30pm

Next Wednesday, June 2, from 2pm to 3:30pm or so, will be the next
IT Web Developers meeting.

This meeting may be of interest to many as some special guests will be
doing a "show and tell" of some potential research group
template/website solutions. At the moment, Dale Trexel has agreed to
"show" some on how their are using WebGUI in the Law School, Ry4an Brase
from MSI has agreed to "show" Google Sites, and Charles Nguyen may
"show" how his organization is using Drupal.

Please let me know off list if you are planning to attend.

Debbie Gillespie
Systems Staff
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Minnesota