Update from today, July 2nd, at about 8am from McLeod County. Brett and I 
saw the adult Common Moorhen at the location previously described by Pete 
Hoeger on June 12th. 

Take US Hwy. 212 (connects Chaska--Norwood YA--Glencoe--Brownton). 
About a half-mile east of Brownton, turn south on McLeod Cty. Hwy. 13, and 
go 2.8 miles. 

We were only able to see one adult with 2 juveniles in the east slough very 
near the road. They stayed close in the reeds so there may have been more 
than one adult and two juveniles but that was all we were able to see. Thanks 
to all who have posted updates so we could find this "minnesota" bird. 

Also, has anyone seen great-tailed grackles recently? OR any tips as to where 
we might look for them? Contact me off list. Janice Culver

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