I was able to refind the Moorhen on Sand Lake about 7:15 AM this morning.  It was in the NW corner of the lake close in to the cattails.  I was at the Public Access on the east side of the lake.  I'm not sure that it would have been visible from the road along the north side.


Two Cattle Egrets were present at the previously posted site on CR 13, 1/2 mile N of CR12 a little before 8 AM along with lots of Pectoral Sandpipers, both Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers, and a single Dowitcher (presumably a Short-Billed since I was in shorts).  I found the same mix of shorebirds at Doug Kieser's shorebird spot that Bill Marengo posted with the addition of one Baird's Sandpiper.


I also tried for the McLeod County Moorhens without any luck.


Joel Claus

Eden Prairie
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