I went to search for the Buff-breasted Sandpipers today in the previously reported location just northeast of North Branch. They were not in the dry field on the south side of 400th but luckily 2 flew over me and landed in a rougher part of sod near the western edge of the sod farms on the north side of the road. I was able to ID the two in flight but once they landed they were too far for me to see with no scope. I found two nice fellow birders that were searching on the south side of the road and I led them to the birds and they allowed me to use their scope and got great views. We also found two Lesser Yellowlegs flying over and probably 100 Killdeer.
I later went to Crex Meadows in Wisconsin. It was overall pretty quiet but there were many Sandhill cranes and one of them got a hold of a rodent. This led to a wild goose chase with many other birds trying to get the poor rodent. It was fun to watch.
Good Birding!
Jason Caddy
South Minneapolis
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