*Minnesota Statewide
*October 15, 2010

-Birds mentioned
Surf Scoter
White-winged Scoter
Black Scoter
Long-tailed Duck
Spruce Grouse
Red-throated Loon
Rough-legged Hawk
Pomarine Jaeger
Parasitic Jaeger
Long-tailed Jaeger
Northern Hawk Owl
Northern Shrike
Gray Jay
Townsend's Solitaire
Varied Thrush
Northern Mockingbird
Snow Bunting
Spotted Towhee
Summer Tanager
Common Redpoll

Hotline: Minnesota Statewide
Date: October 15, 2010
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
Reports: (763) 780-8890
Compiler: Anthony Hertzel ([log in to unmask]) 

This is the Minnesota Birding Report for Friday October 15th, 2010.

On the 14th and again today, all three jager species were reported from
the Wisconsin side of Park Point on Lake Superior. There remains a
distinct possibility that either a PARASITIC JAEGER, a POMARINE JAEGER,
or a LONG-TAILED JAEGER could wander into Minnesota waters. On the 12th,
Karl Bardon found two juvenile POMARINE JAEGERS at the Park Point
Recreation Area.

In Cook County, Kate Kelnberger reported a SPRUCE GROUSE on the 11th
along the Moccasin Trail at the Chik-Wauk Museum and Nature Center, at
the end of the Gunflint Trail.

The fall's first NORTHERN HAWK OWL was seen at Hawk Ridge in Duluth on
the morning of the 15th.

In Duluth, John Green saw a TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE on the 10th in Duluth
Township at the junction of McQuade Road and Radke Road. Rick Schroeder
saw another on the western end of Skyline Parkway at the scenic overlook
above the cement plant.

In Beltrami County, a VARIED THRUSH has been at Lake Bemidji State Park
since at least the 8th. I have no specfic location other than the
statement that it was "staying in the main use area."

In McLeod County, both a female SUMMER TANAGER and a NORTHERN
MOCKINGBIRD were at the home of Bernice and Earl Hall in Hutchinson.At
the intersection of state highway 7 and Bluff Street go turn north about
four blocks to Ridge Avenue, turn left, then turn south on Hillcrest to
the home at 665.

A male SPOTTED TOWHEE was in a residential yard on October 9th about
half a mile southwest of Lind, along Lyon County Road 2.

There seems to be a southward movement of GRAY JAYS in the Duluth area,
with a total approaching 50 individuals counted in the past two weeks.
Elsewhere, I have reports of WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, SURF SCOTER, BLACK

The next scheduled update of this tape is October 21st, 2010.