Just back on the computer.

Enjoyed a Red-throated Loon off Park Point on Friday (back of the 
beachhouse), otherwise relatively quiet on a rainy morning (nice to hear an 
American Golden Plover fly over, and Harris' Sparrows are always a treat).

Birded Rice Lake Refuge Friday afternoon, added three county birds to 
personal Aitkin list (Harris' & White-crowned Sparrows, Lapland Longspurs).

Saturday morning was quiet at Kunkel WMA (Mille Lacs County), excepting 

Surprised this morning on Blue Hill Trail (Sherburne NWR) by Field Sparrows 
and Meadowlarks singing.

Good birding to all!

Al Schirmacher
Princeton, MN
Mille Lacs & Sherburne Counties

October Hike

Hiking through a sea of sparrows -

None sing well at this point -

Mourning the loss of warblers, and warmth.

A confused meadowlark proclaims spring is here.

Well now

Such confusion is encouraging

Spring is only seven months away!

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