Thanks for the diagram Chris.  It helps.

Reading the second page, I found MKey references and a "Summer 2010" reference

So does this mean shib supports MKey now?


On 10/20/2010 10:37 AM, Christopher Bongaarts wrote:
> Dale Trexel wrote:
>> Chris, one thing that would be a very useful addition to this wiki
>> would be a diagram of the authentication process similar to the one
>> you set up for cookieauth:
> Ask and ye shall receive.
> I've uploaded a diagram to the wiki that I prepared in order to
> visualize the different ways we will be incorporating CAH with Shib.  It
> shows the same sort of detailed flows that the aboutcah diagram has.  I
> also linked to the the official Shib wiki page that describes the flow
> of events (textually).