Hello U of M web folk,

Our next Web Standards meeting will be this Friday, November 19th.

We have a topic that a lot of people have asked about, analytics and stats.
We'll have people from a few colleges talk about how they're using their
data to try and make better decision about their sites, and what users are
doing.  Come check it out, it will be a useful session!

November's Subject: Analytics and Stats
Discussion Leader: Nuria Sheehan and Liz Turchin
Location:Science Teaching Student Services, Room 131B
We'll be providing pizza at 11:30, and the presentation/discussion will
start at 12:00.

If you're planing on coming, please RSVP

Have a great week, and see you Friday!
-Dan Sagisser

Dan Sagisser
Information Architect and Web Designer
College of Education and Human Development
Phone: 612-626-1325