Christopher Bongaarts wrote:

>>> The new certificate has been installed.
>> Unfortunately this affected some high-profile applications, so I have 
>> temporarily reverted to the old certificate to give them a chance to 
>> get the new root cert in place.  I expect to reinstall the new cert 
>> later today or at the latest tomorrow, when the old cert expires anyway.
> We are planning to put the new certificate back in place tomorrow, 
> Saturday 11/6 at 5am.

The new certificate has been reinstalled.

>> If anyone happened to notice apps stop working (the expected failure 
>> mode would be login looping - you try to log in to an application and 
>> it immediately kicks you back to the login page), please let the 
>> appropriate support people know.
>>> I wrote:
>>>> Attention web admins using CAH:
>>>> The SSL certificate for (the validation service for CAH 
>>>> cookies) will be expiring shortly.  We will be using the new 
>>>> InCommon CA to issue the new cert, which means the certificate will 
>>>> reference a different root CA than before.

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