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Roberta L. Millstein
Listserv Moderator, International Society for
History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology


1. Call for papers for a thematic special issue 
of the journal Science & Education on "Genetics 
and Society: Educating Scientifically Literate 
Citizens."  Researchers working on areas related 
to genetics, bioethics and genetics education are 
invited to contribute to this thematic issue. 
Conceptual, theoretical, empirical or 
position-based manuscripts are welcome. 
Manuscripts should treat their topics with an 
explicit connection to the topic of educating 
scientifically literate citizens, or address 
educational issues with respect to genetics and 
society more generally.  Submission Date: October 
30, 2011. 

2. Call for expressions of interest and abstracts 
for a new anthology, Origins of Mind, for 
Springer's book series, Cellular Origin, Life in 
Extreme Habitats and Astrobiology.  The book, 
Origins of Mind, will address a question that is 
fundamental to both philosophical and scientific 
inquiry: how and why did the human mind as we 
know it come to exist in the natural world? 

3. The 46th Annual Joint Atlantic Seminar for 
History of Biology will be held Saturday, 9 April 
2011 at Yale University in New Haven, CT. 
Graduate Students and Younger Scholars are 
encouraged to submit work for presentation. 
Deadline for abstracts: 25 February 2011. 

4. The Israeli Society for History & Philosophy 
of Science announces its eleventh annual 
conference, March 6, 2011 at the Bloomfield 
Science Museum Jerusalem. The conference 
constitutes a meeting site for scholars from 
different fields, such as history, philosophy, 
sociology, anthropology, political science, the 
natural and medical sciences, economics, and 
literature, who are all engaged in studying 
different aspects of the theoretical and applied 
sciences, medicine, and technology. Deadline for 
submission: January 1, 2011. 

5. Call for applications, "Biology and the 
Publlc: Participation and Exclusion from the 
Renaissance to the Present Day," The Twelfth 
Ischia Summer School on the History of the Life 
Sciences 'Villa Dohrn', Ischia, Italy, 26 June - 
3 July 2011.  This week-long summer school 
provides advanced training in history of the life 
sciences, a lively international field that 
offers a long-term perspective on some of the 
most significant ideas, practices and 
institutions in the world today.  Deadline for 
applications: 31 January 2011. 

6. Position announcement: Senior 
Lecturer/Administrative Director, Collection of 
Historical Scientific Instruments, Harvard 
University.  The Collection of Historical 
Scientific Instruments is the oldest and most 
extensive university-based collection of its type 
in the United States, holding some 20,000 
instruments dating from the 17th century to the 
present.  Closing date for applications: January 
5, 2011. 

7. The December issue of the IHPST Newsletter is 
now available on the web. 

8. Call for papers for an interdisciplinary 
textual studies essay collection that explores 
Darwinism in the American scene.  Essays will 
examine the ways in which Darwinian language and 
theories have made their way into American 
literary and cultural texts, initially providing 
writers with a new vocabulary to describe human 
affairs and interactions with other living 
organisms, and continuing to shape the discourse 
and debates of today.  Deadline for 
abstracts/essays: January 31, 2011. 

9. New book: A Foray into the Worlds of Animals 
and Humans.  Jakob von Uexküll embarks on an 
exploration of the unique social and physical 
environments that individual animal species, as 
well as individuals within species, build and 
inhabit. Uexküll's concept of the umwelt holds 
new possibilities for the terms of animality, 
life, and the framework of biopolitics. 

10. New book: The Tendency for Diversity and 
Complexity to Increase in Evolutionary Systems. 
Daniel W. McShea and Robert N. Brandon argue that 
there exists in evolution a spontaneous tendency 
toward increased diversity and complexity, one 
that acts whether natural selection is present or 
not. This law unifies the principles and data of 
biology under a single framework and invites a 
reconceptualization of the field of the same sort 
that Newton's First Law brought to physics. 

11. New book: Less Than Human: Why We Demean, 
Enslave, and Exterminate Others, by David 
Livingstone Smith. This is the first book-length 
study of dehumanization. It draws on a rich mix 
of history, psychology, biology, anthropology and 
philosophy to document the pervasiveness of 
dehumanization, describe its forms, and explain 
how and why we so often resort to it. 

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