Hi everyone,

I have mapped out the locations and dates of the 5 Ross's Gull reports so
far.  Thought people might be interested in seeing the distribution so far.

Seems to me that more Ross's Gulls might be found if local birders search
every reservoir or lake between Lincoln, NE and Denver, CO.  (not that you
aren't doing that already. :D )   When the second SD report came in, I
almost expected it to be at Lake Oahe.  Interesting that one hasn't turned
up there. That's where the Feb '08 Ivory Gull was.

If I have made any mistakes in dates or if you have any information to add,
I have set the map so that anyone may edit it.  Let me know if any problems
come up.

Here's the link:

Happy Birding! --Chris W, Madison, WI


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