Hey everyone,

Thought that birders in Northeastern MN might want to know about this. This
was posted on the MI-listers listserve at 0830 this morning:


Joe Kaplan just called and is looking at an adult Ross's Gull in Keweenaw Bay.
He is standing at the first overlook "down from L'Anse" overlooking the bay,
and the bird is at fair distance. He also mentioned that some of the folks
participating (in the Keweenaw Bay CBC) feel there is a 2nd Ross's Gull present
with the first bird, but from what I could gather it may not yet be confirmed.

The identity of the first bird, Joe said, is not in doubt. It had pink
underparts, gray underwing, wedge-shaped tail, etc.

Good Birding,
Caleb Putnam

Caleb G Putnam

Sparta, MI

larus10 AT hotmail.com

Happy Birding! --Chris W, Madison, WI


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