Hey Web Standards:

Since it is a short week before a holiday, I thought I'd pose an interesting (to me at least) question to the people on this list who track analytics and web usage:

The Minnesota Vikings vs Chicago Bears ESPN Monday Night Football  game was played at TCF Bank Stadium here on campus, as I'm sure everyone knew. The game received lots of national exposure after the Metrodome caved in on itself, so the interest was high. This was reflected in the national ratings for the game, which came in at 27.5 MILLION viewers (source cited: http://kstp.com/article/stories/s1892947.shtml). That means that 27.5 million people had the University of Minnesota on their radar last Monday.

My question is, did any of the sites you administer see a traffic spike that may correlate with this exposure? It would be great to share anything you might have found, specifically if anyone on this list works directly with the umn.edu domain...

David Peterson
IT Professional
Office of Institutional Research
University of Minnesota

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