I am planning to visit the Sax-Zim area soon, and since I do not know it at all I would be very grateful for road directions to the places where Great Grey owls and other birds have been seen, from people who know the area! Thanks. Lynn Hartshorn

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Subject: [mou-rba] [mou-net] Duluth Snowy Owls?

I am leading a group of 5 Twin Cities birders to the Sax-Zim bog this Wed-Thurs, and am wondering if a side-trip to Duluth to look for Snowy Owls would be worthwhile.  Has anyone seen any Snowys recently on the harbor ice or anywhere around Duluth.  The latest report I saw was of 2 Snowys found on the CBC, and no specifics were given.

Also, which spots in Canal Park are most frequented by gull flocks?  We will only have a limited time to spend in Duluth, and it would be great to minimize searching effort.  I assume that the area right around the harbor entry and lift bridge are good.

Please back-channel me with any details, and thank you in advance!  And thanks to all the birders who have been posting their Sax-Zim sightings in the last couple of weeks!

Scott Loss
St. Paul

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