This afternoon, shortly before 3 PM, the Northfield Snowy Owl was seen
perched on a telephone pole on the south side of hwy 19, just west of
the intersection with CR 59. It is the same farm area in which the
bird was reported yesterday. While we were watching the owl, it
dropped to the roadside, seized what looked like a mouse, and brought
it to the top of telephone pole. As it appeared to take a bite,
something resembling a tail fell to the ground. My birding partner
says that a large clump was then dropped to the ground, and thought
perhaps the bird had mistakenly grabbed plant material, and the "tail"
was a stem. I did not see the clump fall, but I did see the owl drop
suddenly back to the ground, looking around. It resumed its
pole-perch, until, disturbed by our car creeping past, it flew to the
next pole. Eventually it flew off into the field, but it must have
returned quickly to the road, because shortly thereafter, I received a
call from Laura Coble saying she and her daughter had just seen the
Bonus: this was a life bird for birding partner Jed, and the Snowy
hunt-attempt was a first for me.Thanks again to those who posted.

Linda Whyte

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