I posted all my Great Gray Owl photos I took with Ray Tervo yesterday on my blog 
(http://colderbythelakebirding.blogspot.com/)  Also there is nothing on my blog 
for sell or guiding trips to sign up to.  It just a old boring blog with photos 
on it.  I say this in case there are some who are policing the listserv and 
ready to throw the red flag out on the field thinking I might have some items or 
service to sell on my blog.   Maybe this will be some fodder for some next 
Hindsight article in the next MOU "The Loon" journal -- birders who post 
annoying links to personal blogs to view photos or people who take photos of 
Jaegers in Wisc and post them on the MOU site..  oops that was already done -- 
my bad.


Mike Hendrickson
Duluth, Minnesota
Website: http://www.mikehendricksonbirding.com

Blog: http://colderbythelakebirding.blogspot.com/

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