Judy Chucker and I spotted a kettle of five golden eagles today from the
parking lot of the Old Cedar Avenue Bridge area in Bloomington.  At first
glance, they appeared to be just more juvenile bald eagles.  Then Judy
noticed the small white wrist patches and darker tails.  After consulting
Sibley, we decided they were juvenile golden eagles, first or second year.

The golden eagles were a treat to watch as they rode the thermals, diving at
one another and occasionally spiraling down together for a few seconds.  The
last we saw, they were headed northeast from the parking lot, pretty high

We also saw three or four  juvenile bald eagles at lower elevations and two
"V" formations of swans, honking as they followed the Minnesota River

Who says, "Look up.  You might see something."   They are right.

Claudia Egelhoff
Minneapolis, MN

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