Monday, April 18, 2011
Fillmore County
Preston Township
SW Qt. Section 20
43.6170 north, 92.0836 west

Chris Hockema and I discovered what we believe to be a 1st year White-winged Scoter around 1:30 pm.  The bird was photographed by Gary Erickson, Bob Ekblad, and Art Overcott.  The scoter was still present at 4:09 pm when we left the area.  It is an oddly plumaged bird and I have sent photographs to others in hopes of receiving more expert opinion.  This would represent a first county record.
My thanks to Gary, Bob, Art, and to Chuck Krulas for taking the time to come down and see this stange-looking scoter.  Art Overcott sent me a wonderful photo and provided the above directions and coordinates.  Thanks to Ray Potthoff for his post.
John Hockema
Rochester, MN 

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