FYI, the new home page is up. If you have general feedback, there's a "tell us what you think" form available in just above the footer on the audience views.

If you happen to notice technical problems, please write us at [log in to unmask]. There are certainly some inconsistencies out there that we'll be cleaning up in the next week. Also, note that while we have an extensive set of redirects, because of the way Apache logs are made available on the www1 server we won't be able to review those until tomorrow morning. We're starting to go through old links now, but if you happen to find yourself getting 404s, please let us know. 

Once the dust has settled, I think we'd be especially interested in comments on the HTML5 markup, as we'll be churning out HTML5 headers and footers (don't consider what's up right now as final) and do want input/collaboration as we move forward. Also, we've found we still like escaping single tags ( />) and using quotes on all our attrs. Must be force of habit.

Peter Wiringa, Electronic Communications Specialist
University Relations, University of Minnesota
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